Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chronicle of my cooking

I have been a silent follower and awed admirer of many food blogs for quite some time now.. wondering how on earth these extremely busy women find time to write things on the web.. I realise, what starts as a humble hobby becomes an absorbing passion and finally turns out to be a compelling obsession. As one of the blogging marathoners rightly suggested, blogging about food makes you look at food differently. I think that is what keeps all these energized bloggers going.

A natural consequence of what I have been reading - an urgent fire to start a blog and write all I know began burning one day. I finally managed to take the plunge this January, but, for reasons known best to me.. it never took off.. With all my vigour, i managed to post one recipe. And that was the end of Solomon Grundy!!

I pulled myself up to start yet another one.. This time, I am hoping my indefatiguable spirit would help me cross the first 21 days of blogging, after which it would become installed as a habit (says Robin Sharma in The Monk who Sold his Ferrari, anything done continuously for 21 days becomes and habit and remains with the person forever).

So, here is me, awaiting all your encouragement to make this blogging journey a very memorable and pleasant one.

Come, lets cook along!!

Happy eating and happy living!!


  1. ALL THE BEST SHOBBY :) GREAT JOB.... I am sure it will go a long way lady.... Cheers to the good times... Naren

  2. Thanks for dropping by...good to read your blog..keep going!

  3. Hii Shoby, Very nicely written recipes.. Will be shortly making paruppu podi and kaima idli... and will let you know my experience.
    Keep blogging...looking forward to more delicious recipes...



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