Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cabbage Payasam

Aparna’s blog - with her engaging narrations, awesome photos and yummy recipes is a great way to use up free time. When I learnt that Aparna’s blog would be the theme for this month’s ‘Tried and Tasted event’, I knew I would definitely contribute atleast one recipe since I had loads of them bookmarked. I zeroed in on this one – Cabbage Payasam, simply because it threw me off my chair the first time I read the title - “Cabbage Payasam”. I had an incomprehendable feeling. Aparna had rightly named it ‘wierd’. Then I collected myself and thought, if onion payasam can be a most-sought after dish at a leading restaurant in Chennai, why not a payasam with cabbage?

But yes, I should confess that I had my own doubts while making it. So, I quartered Aparna’s recipe and followed her instructions closely. My only addition was half a teaspoon of ‘MAS’ flavour powder to add some mild orange colour and flavour to the dessert. Verdict: A neat dessert – very doable, gets done comfortably on the backburner, just a little stirring in between other stuff, and most importantly, Very Delectable. Nobody having it would imagine it is a payasam out of a cabbage! Thank you aparna, for introducing us to this lesser known avatar of the humble hostel vegetable!

This bowl of payasam goes to Tried & Tasted event hosted by Srivalli for this month and originally conceived by Lakshmi. Since the recipe is inspired by another blog, it goes off to Nupur’s BB-6 Potluck Edition.


  1. Wow- now this is something I would never have imagined- but the cabbage payasam looks delectable. Thanks for the entry.

  2. I'm really glad you liked this. Thanks for cooking from my recipes, and all the nice things you've said. :)
    Btw, is there really a payasam made from onions?

  3. Hi aparna,
    Truly my pleasure cooking from your blog.
    Yes, I have myself eaten an onion payasam in 'Rasam' restaurant in Chennai. Rasam is a veg restaurant specializing in Kongunad cuisine. Their menu is different and extremely tasty.

  4. Thanks Shobana for the lovely entry..I was eying that payasam since aparna posted but couldn't make it!..but really with Onions..should check this out for sure..hheheh..my once exp with Rasam was not so good..so I am scared!..LOL



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