Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Malayala Ullichamandi

I am transported to that one night almost a year back when my good friend R visited me and divulged a lot of her culinary secrets. I was assiduously taking notes almost all through the night! I had made a lot of recipes from the kitty, but, this one somehow was always untouched, probably because it looked so simple. Suddenly this recipe found its way onto my kitchen counter today. Now after making it, I sincerely regret for not having made it earlier.

This recipe results in a beautiful chutney from R’s land – Kerala. This malayala ullichamandi is traditionally made with pearl onions, but, I used big white onions that I had handy (probably thats why the colour of mine looks a little pale). This ullichamandi is a great friend to appam, dosa, idli, chapatti, etc. I have used it as an emergency bread spread here and absolutely loved the combined taste of roasted onions and coconut.


Onions: 2 medium (or equivalent pearl onions)
Coconut pieces: ¼ cup
Red chillies (long): 2 - 3
Hing: to taste
Salt: to taste
Oil: 2 – 3 tsps


Fry onions in 2 – 3 tsps of oil.
Add the red chillis and the coconut pieces .
Fry till a great aroma arises and all the ingredients are decently done.
Add hing and salt.
Let it cool for a while.
Grind to a fine paste without adding water.

This ullichamandi goes to Bookmarked Recipes every Tuesday, started by Priya Mitharwal and hosted by Aipi of US Masala. Also, it is my contribution to Jagruti’s lovely event ‘Complete my Thali – Chutney’. This chutney also finds its way to the second edition of 'Any one can cook' event hosted by Taste of Pearl City


  1. Thanks a lot for another lovely entry..looks great!

    US Masala

  2. Hi,

    Dats one of my favorties...nicely done...



  3. This looks so delicious, must have tasted so delicious with the bread. Thank you so much for linking this delicious recipe with Any One Can Cook.



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