Sunday, October 10, 2010

Navarathri Neivedyam III - Peanut Burfi

The peanut fire in me got kindled and I chose this recipe from my myriad bookmarks since they were made using very less ghee and had an excellent shelf life. This recipe is fairly similar to the recipe of Peanut Laddoos. I got it from a Hare Krishna website featuring recipes of a lot of Burfis, and had written it down in my diary.

The sweetner in this case is sugar and not jaggery. And this burfi calls for syruping of sugar. Though I went wrong with the syruping (the syrup master – K, was attending to our baby), I somehow managed to pour the peanut lava into a greased cake tin and managed to make burfis out of them. Hence they look rugged, nevertheless, tasty.

Navarathri Neivedyam III – Peanut Burfi

Ingredients (makes 12 burfis)

Peanuts: ¾ cup
Sugar: ¾ cup or a little less (depending on taste)
Ghee: 1tbsp
Elaichi powder: onebig pinch
Water: 4 -5 tbsp

Dry roast the peanuts till done. Cool, skin them and powder fairly finely.
Now take the sugar in a kadai along with the water. Make a syrup of one string consistency.
As soon as this is done, add the peanut powder and stir vigorously so that no lumps are formed.
Now, you could add the ghee so that the mass does not stick to the bottom.
Add the elaichi powder and keep stirring till you are able to make a loose ball out of the slightly cooled mass with your fingertips.
Once done, empty the contents into a greased plate.
Make pieces while warm.
Offer to God and enjoy!
This neivedyam goes to 'Only' Festive Food Event conceptualised by Pari and hosted this month by Preeti.

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